What are the most popular tumblr logs?

does n e 1 know who ‘the most popular’/’most followed’ tumblr personalities?

Is this published some where? can some1 get me server statistics? 

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  4. yurple answered: no
  5. artishardinnov answered: me! (actually NO ONE cares)
  6. jeffstern answered: it’s not brome.tumblr.com, but you might find fodder for more latenight posts there, because there are nude bros
  7. mdsh answered: lookatthisfuckinghipste…
  8. queersaint answered: probably that fml thing
  9. raydemesa answered: u should ask jamiew.tumblr.com he’s an internet scientist
  10. caseyyy answered: bagels and flapjacks rock da world
  11. pierreism answered: staff.tumblr.com is pretty popular. dunno who he is
  12. extracake answered: nickelback.tumblr.com
  13. 3stacks answered: 3stacks.tumblr.com dude
  14. gustavogodinho answered: Me
  15. damnbabygurl answered: molls.tumblr.com
  16. laserguided answered: funeralface, hotg0ssip, alaskaneyes
  17. teamgirlz answered: TEAMgirlz.tumblr.com A BFF blog
  18. bmichael answered: thepatriarchy
  19. bluebed answered: me me me
  20. doinwork answered: that stupid marco guy
  21. ihavegoodtaste answered: ihavegoodtaste.tumblr.com is number one among awesome males 21-35 and southern divorcees over 40.
  22. iamsolomon answered: It depends bby. There’s a lot of different “groups” of Tumblrs. There’s Allison Weiss (or whatever), Soup, Topherchris, Matt Jordan…
  23. carlovely answered: tomoatmeal.tumblr.com
  24. kdyldy answered: graphiceverywhere, eat sleep draw, hipsterrunoff. lolz.
  25. iamkb answered: iamkb.tumblr.com
  26. tremphantasma answered: neoncrayon.tumblr.com
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