Nov 14

Real Estate captured partying 'like effing rock stars' because of their indie status jump -

Photos by http://weirdmagic.biz/

Partying like effing rock stars
Drinking Jameson out the bottle
Vibing in the ‘green room’
Artists effing only
Groupies trying to bang us
Partying til…

Nov 12

Some bro does a vocal audition to join M83 -

M83’s hit song ‘Midnight City’ might be the best of the year. It’s a shame that they didn’t write anything else as solid on the album except for airy synth bleepy bloops with children…

Nov 11

Lana Del Rey shows off her tight lil ass on French TV, isn't wearing any panties -

What happens if u ask Lana Del Rey to ‘do something controversial for ratings’?

You get Lana Del Rey's TIGHT ASS on camera!

It’s as if the buzz gods finally heard our prayers…

Nov 10

Christopher Owens does another SEXI photoshoot. Is he the hottest hunk in indie? -

Photo via GorillaVsBear

I honestly can’t stop thinking abt u…
i listen to ur songs
dancing around my room naked
thinking of u

U honestly look good, bb! [link to sexi…

Nov 09

Donald Glover interviews himself as Childish Gambino, results in internet content -

At the end of the day, we’re all crappy sites on the internet trying to produce ‘unique content’, all trapped as a slave to hits, social media, and ‘watering down’ any sort of authentic content…

Nov 08

Ryan Gosling headlined FunFunFunFest, voted 'best new buzz human.' -

Ryan Gosling has been trying 2 break into the indie music scene for a while now. He had a buzzband called ‘Dead Man’s Bones’ that wrote spooky songs, and has often showed up to bronoodle…

Nov 05

Real Estate makes new dogwave video for 'It's Real.' Is it the best MP3 of the year? -

After the dust settles and the indiesphere realizes that M83 was overrated and Bon Iver was boring, Real Estate's hit album 'Days' is a chill bro dark horse to win 'end of year'…

Nov 04

The Real Reason for Ben Gibbard & Zooey Deschanel's Divorce: #2BrokeGirls -

James Murphy is on the cover of a magazine because he refuses to retire -

Cmon man.
U ‘fake retired’ to fire ur band
bc u were tired of them leaching off ur buzztalents
and wanted to keep all of your buzz riches to yourself

Nov 03

Ezra Koenig hosts EXCLUSIVE video chat sesh, wears mock turtle neck sweater - </embed>

Ezra Koenig is known as indie rock’s most approachable ‘front man’, willing to interact with fans on twitter and with foreign fans thru his Orkut account. According to…