American Apparel creates dog hoodies for authentic alt dogs.

Twas the night before Buzzmas, when all through the blogosphere
Not a buzzband was buzzing, not even a relevant ~9.0 range mindie band.
The mp3s were streaming from the blogspots year end…


Digital technology and social media can be liberating for any human being, no matter your age, race, size, color, or religious background. It gives is the opportunity to…

Very Limited Supply left. Not sure when they are coming back.

Here are some complimentary ‘discount codes’

50% discount code: LATERZ

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Hornie 4 

Oh Maddie…
I want 2 drink hot cocoa with u
Should we go 2 Starbucks?
Maybe ‘the Coffee Bean’?
Maybe even a Ghirardelli Specialty Store…

Do u want a peppermint latte instead?

I honestly believe that 2k11 was a very _____ year—in my personal life, in music, and in ________. When it comes 2 my personal life, I accomplished a very important goal: ________________….

Recently, Lana Del Rey was spotted canoodling with relevant AltJew DJ A-TRAK [link]. She is truly becoming a top tier alt socialite, and we will see no shortage of pictures of her…

I went to their show and I met the buzzband.
I can confirm that they are human.
I touched them. They are real.
We had direct, personal interaction.

I met the buzzband.
There are…